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A world that evolves around Hotspots part 3

By Ernest Cheng
Vienna, Austria The University of Vienna offers excellent Wi-Fi connectivity throughout its campus and beyond into the center of Vienna, students, staff and guests have direct and stable wireless connectivity. Wireless signal can be found at both indoor and outdoor fascilities.

Each individual at the university are registered through a u:connect account, with customized access for web research and e-mail access. Each userID is defined by the student's or staff's e-mail. The account can be used to log into the university's server from home, on campus dormitories, or even remotely via smart phone devices.

A world that evolves around Hotspots Part 2

By Ernest
The Kremslehner Hotel in Vienna offers outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity in central Vienna. Literally two blocks away, my phone picked up their login portal when I didn't even notice that there was even a hotel nearby (I find it especially hard to distinguish one monument from another!)

The Hotel's login page was customized to allow their guests and visitors to gain internet access while strolling through downtown Vienna.  An innovative and smart way of business management, allowing the possibility to contact hotel staff in case of an emergency or  perhaps a need to re-book a room for an extra overnight stay.

From the login information displayed, it seems that all guests and visitor may obtain a username and password at the hotel's reception upon check in. Next time I'll consider an overnight stay while evaluating their indoor wireless connectivity ; )

A world that evolves around Hotspots Part 1

By Ernest 
Vienna, Austria Carrying a smart phone with you while traveling allows the possibility to discover how various Hotspot Cafe owners promotes and uses Wi-Fi to make a name for themselves.  
Last week, while I was walking by the famous Stephanplatz in Vienna, Austria I've encountered  multiple free Wi-Fi which allows users to surf the web at any nearby cafe. The efficiency  of Wi-Fi connectivity has completely convinced me to turn off my 3G roaming service, as it is very expensive and I was already over my traveling budget. 

Cafe Hawelka's login portal is an example of how local Hotspots are offering free Wi-Fi services for all tourists and locals passing by. Their intent of offering free Wi-Fi doesn't not minimize the opportunity to make money, but opens doors for anxious social-media starving tourists looking to update their social media and publicize their whereabouts. Needless to say, you can always use an extra cup of will while strolling in Vienna :)  

4ipnet Total Enterprise/Campus Solution

Solution / Feature:
üService Zone (SZ): SZ is a concept of virtual GW and 4ipnet GW system will accommodate multi-SZ on a single physical device; each SZ can have different looks of login portal pages and can be configured to support different Auth options.
üUser Grouping: For network operator, to grant different levels of access privileges upon user login is a crucial key point in today’s network deployment.  4ipnet GW system can ease the deployment complexity where differentiation for most access privilege settings such as firewall, QoS, specific route, and privilege profiles can be configured in the GW.
A policy can be assigned to enclose a combination of aforementioned settings related to access privileges; in parallel, a user can be assigned to a specific group based on consideration on their usage portfolio. Upon then, a specific policy can be selected to apply to a group of users.
Depending on SZ and permitted time slots (e.g., working hours vs off-work hours) user will logi…

4ipnet Total Hotspot Solution

Whatis a Wireless Hotspot?
1.It is a public area that provides wireless accessto the Internet, such as a hotel lobby, a restaurant, a Café, etc. The no. ofpeople gathered in a hotspot often ranges somewhat from 5 to 100. There isnormally no dedicated IT staff except a ‘part-time’hotspot operator. 2.Users often use their portable/handheld wireless devices- laptops, tablets, or smart phones– to log on to the Internet; on the other hand, a hotspot owner either freelygives this service to them or charge them with a certain amount of money, basedon the quota spent.    3.Customers’ needs and wants are simple: WiFi/wireless Internet access, fast and steady wirelessconnection. 4.As for a hotspot owner who can not be satisfied with merely aconsumer-grade AP giving   wireless services, they needsomethingmore robust, in terms of user management, secure authentication and datatransmission, as well as a user-friendly accounting/billing system, etc.
The Hotspot Solution The Wireless Hotspot Kit – HSG2…

4ipnet's Total Hotel Solution

Hotel Solution Q&A

How do I get an account to go online? You can create an account from your room via the LAN port or over the counter for wireless access.
Do I have to pay right away? You can pay right away of course but customers have the flexibility of choosing to let their internet bills be combined with your room bills. PMS integration Micros Fidelio/Opera and VLAN Port Location Mapping makes it possible to combine your internet charges, IPTV, phone bills, other room services etc all into one,
But what if I’m not staying in the hotel? You can still get an On-demand account over the counter. You can also get an account from the self-service ticket generators placed in the hotel. (show HSG260-WTG, refer to hotspot solution if needed) TAS with the HSG260 is easily deployed and set up, straightforward for non-IT staff.
How many users can this support? It actually depends on your application. We have 3 main lines of products and we cover different scales of deployments. For small to mid…

4ipnet announces the release of HSG1100, Gigabit Hotspot Gateway for Hotspot Operations with small to medium-sized scale

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – June 14th, 2012 - 4ipnet, Inc., a leading wireless networking device provider for manageable, reliable, and secure wireless access, announced the release of HSG1100, Hotspot Gateway offering 2,000 local accounts and 2,000 on-demand accounts. The HSG1100 Hotspot Gateway includes 4 comprehensive accounting types along with 10 flexible billing options, allowing hotspot owners to provide wireless Internet access for free or for a fee. The entire hotspot operations can instantaneously generate on-the-go On-demand Accounts and print their corresponding tickets.
In order to deploy a cost-effective Hotspot environment, the HSG1100 Hotspot Gateway can be paired with other 4ipnet Access Points to create a complete wireless hotspot environment, as well as construct an instant on-demand ticketing, money making portal for incoming guests and visitors. The HSG1100 comes with a simple user interface platform so even non IT personnel can run their own hotspot operation and make high ef…

Hotel Ambassador and Hotel Astoria from Dubai Implements 4ipnet Hotel Solution for Indoor Wireless Coverage

DUBAI, UAE – June 14th, 2012 - 4ipnet, Inc., a leading wireless networking device provider for manageable, reliable, and secure wireless access, has deployed their Hotel Solution at two of the oldest hotels in Dubai, Hotel Ambassador and Hotel Astoria.

Hotel Ambassador and Hotel Astoria are at the center of various tourist attractions. As the oldest hotel in Dubai, Ambassador and Astoria Hotels carries the fine tradition of great hospitality and provides exceptional service and amenities. Equipped with and various business and entertainment amenities, including 24 hour business rooms, banquet halls, recreational facilities and dinning venues, Hotel Ambassador and Hotel Astoria aims to provide exceptional indoor wireless service for their guests and visitors. The challenges to deploy wireless internet access at both Hotels include:
Penetrating ferro-concrete walls. Such structure exists due to long history of the building, and weakens the wireless signal, making it hard to maintain stabl…

4ipnet Wi-Fi Channel Analysis

Overview The Channel Analysis function embedded on the Administrative Web UI is an excellent yet simple-to-use tool for IT personnel to quickly grasp an idea of what the 2.4GHz channel dynamics are. Included for channel analysis is a spectrogram, density graph and other charts to detect interference from Bluetooth devices, Microwave devices, Cordless phones, and etc.

The Spectrogram Plot This real-time spectrogram plot shows channel cleanness by color coding from blue to red. Once starting to scan the environment, administrators should see the colorful ‘canvas’ slice by slice. In fact, each vertical slice is piled up by collected samples in each 50-100ms interval. The upper the samples, the newer they are.   Interpretation of the graph is rather straightforward: if a channel ‘slice’ shows more pan-blue colors, it means that it has less Wi-Fi signal transmitted to and fro over the air.
The Density and Utilization Chart Not just letting users mentally feel which channels are cleaner and w…

4ipnet @ Computex Taipei 2012 Report Update

This year 4ipnet returns to Computex Taipei 2012with a bang! With a complete product line fully displayed at Hall 1 Booth A0213a, 4ipnet has attracted the majority of Computex Taipei visitors to check out our latest innovation technologies in the Wireless LAN Solution Market.

4ipnet reestablishes its status as the "King of Hotspot"! With a devoted team of software engineers and a cultivated group of sales team, 4ipnet  is able to deliver a complete product portfolio including Secure Wireless Controller, Wireless Hotspot Gateway and both Indoor and Outdoor Access Points. The solutions presented include our Hotspot Solution, offering visitors an in depth view on how to make instant profitability from 4ipnet Hotspot Products, our Enterprise & Education Solutions, breaking the mobile roaming barrier for all Corporate Offices and Campuses, as well as a complete Hotel Solution, offering the ideal Guest Authorization,  Authentication and Accounting (AAA) services for any wired…

4ipnet Lottery Computex Day 1, 2 ,3, 4

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24 Hours Countdown to Computex Taipei 2012

We are ready to roll @ Computex Taipei  2012. See our Marketing Team at work on Monday, June 4th in preparation for the biggest IT Event of the year!