4ipnet Total Enterprise/Campus Solution

Solution / Feature:


ü       Service Zone (SZ):
SZ is a concept of virtual GW and 4ipnet GW system will accommodate multi-SZ on a single physical device; each SZ can have different looks of login portal pages and can be configured to support different Auth options.

ü       User Grouping:
For network operator, to grant different levels of access privileges upon user login is a crucial key point in today’s network deployment.  4ipnet GW system can ease the deployment complexity where differentiation for most access privilege settings such as firewall, QoS, specific route, and privilege profiles can be configured in the GW.

A policy can be assigned to enclose a combination of aforementioned settings related to access privileges; in parallel, a user can be assigned to a specific group based on consideration on their usage portfolio. Upon then, a specific policy can be selected to apply to a group of users.

Depending on SZ and permitted time slots (e.g., working hours vs off-work hours) user will login, 4ipnet system can be even configured to assign different policies on the same group of user to facilitate diversity on differentiation among access privileges.

ü       Built-in Authentication Database
In addition to integration with external Auth servers like POP3 or RADIUS, 4ipnet GW system provides the following built-in Auth database for rapid deployment, i.e., Local, On-demand, and Free databases.

Local user accounts are generated in advance; On-demand and Free user accounts are generated on an on-demand basis.

ü       Guest access (with / without SDS200W + thermal ticket printer)
For hotspot deployment at café or reception area, a ticket with on-demand login credentials can be purchased to obtain network access.  4ipnet GW system supports built-in on-demand auth database and billing plan configuration to let users select the plan that best suit their usage. 

The ticket can be generated from WMI or thermal printers (by selected models); a terminal device called SDS200W will assist here to ease deployment issue with thermal printers so printer placement re-location will no longer become a concern (as long as network connection can reach SDS200W). 

ü       UAM login to unleash binding to specific login program
Browsers are available in most modern networking-capable devices from desktops, laptops, smart phones, to tablet PCs. Therefore, without dependency on specific login program, 4ipnet system is designed to perform authentication on modern network computing device thru credential validation in browsers. In other words, complexity on handling login flow against different auth serves like POP3, RADIUS, LDAP, NT, and SIP will be taken care by GW system to lessen extra burden when dealing with each auth server separately.

ü       Site-to-Site VPN connection for corporate network expansion among all branch offices

ü       Cross gateway roaming
To facilitate client mobility for roaming in campus / corporate park, 4ipnet GW system will support up to 15 slave GW for users to roam among them.

WHG + Managed AP

Through the assistance from 4ipnet WHG GW system, WLAN deployment will become much easier.  Upon AP being added or discovered by 4ipnet WHG GW system, previous tedious burden on configuring or collecting info from multiple AP devices will become a few fingertips away.

Under local-area AP management, configurable AP templates can be edited and applied on selected AP devices to minimize repetitive configuration tasks. Upon release of new AP firmware, 4ipnet WHG system will also assist firmware bulk upgrade to save installation time.

Under Wide-area AP management, since each AP’s geographically location info is crucial for service coverage management, 4ipnet WHG system has integrated Google maps to let WLAN operator mark their AP placements accordingly.  In addition to traditional methods on adding or discovering AP, CAPWAP feature (AKA control and provisioning of wireless access point) is also available on 4ipnet WHG system for selected AP models (EAP200, EAP260, EAP300, EAP747, EAP320, EAP750, EAP757, OWL610, OWL620).

Through CAPWAP method to add managed AP, WLAN operator can also decide if certain VAP may map to selected service zone for traffics tunneled back to WHG system; upon association to ESSID from these tunneled VAP, user authentication from WHG system will apply on associated users and access privileges will be granted on the same way as login locally.  This feature will facilitate remote access for WLAN deployment at chain stores.

ü       Dual-radio APM for dense WLAN deployment
To enhance service coverage (2.4GHz / 5 GHz concurrently), dual-radio AP management is available to selected AP models (EAP320, EAP750, EAP757, OWL620).  


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