4ipnet WISP Solution

In recent years, public perception of wireless Internet access continues to grow. This brings both opportunities and challenges to Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs). For WISPs, the demand for high-speed Internet access deals with how to find faster, easier and more cost-efficient solutions to reach the most possible customers, especially to reach high growth markets such as SMBs, SOHOs and residences.The typical solution for providing customers with high-speed Internet services is to partner with a carrier or cable operator that deploys wired broadband access technologies like xDSL or cable modems. However, the vast majority of WISPs have started to utilize wireless equipments which operate in the license-exempt spectrum, especially the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, to deliver last-mile broadband access. License-exempt means that anyone can deploy an equipment without a license, as long as the equipment conforms to FCC or CE regulations. So it is obvious why wireless Internet deployments in the license-exempt bands have been booming in the past few years.
The 4ipnet Capabilities & Advantages
-- Minimal Investment and Maximum Scalability--
  • Reliable Networking and Centralized Management
  • Wireless Backhaul Deployment
  • Last-Mile Wireless Bandwidth Delivery
  • Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Deployment

The 4ipnet WISP Business Models 
--Low Entry Cost, Fast ROI & Flexible Expansion for New Markets --
A major opportunity for WISPs is to distribute Internet traffic and managed network services to apartments (a.k.a. MDU, Multiple Dwelling Units) or offices (a.k.a. MTU, Multiple Tenant Units) by deploying wireless LAN (WLAN). However, due to technical and administrative issues, reaching these customers with broadband has been and remains a challenge to many WISPs.While MDU/MTU tenants often have the common interests and respective needs, WISPs could further offer different bundled services for different user groups. 4ipnet’s solution enables a scalable network infrastructure that allows of provisioning network services for different scenarios. The advantages of 4ipnet’s solution include: low cost of deployment, complete control over wired/wireless networks beyond last-mile, and easy expansion of network infrastructure as requirements change.
When speaking of fast return on investment (ROI), the most unique business model that 4ipnet’s solution brings to WISPs is to deploy wireless backhaul with 4ipnet rugged Outdoor APs, deliver the last-mile bandwidth to one building with one 4ipnet CPE equipment, and manage multi-units of that building by providing multi-levels of chargeable managed services with one 4ipnet Controller.

As Internet usage continues to become more mobile, customers have an increasing expectation for wireless Internet access at public locations, such as cafes, restaurants, airports, hotels, conference centers, recreation areas, shopping malls, business districts, and office complexes.However, in addition to the demand for wireless Internet connections, hotspot or hotzone operators also need to generate Internet user accounts on demand, be able to charge for Internet services, and have security features to protect their network from unauthorized access. 4ipnet’s solution brings WISPs a one-stop-shop business model - to facilitate hotspots and hotzones with a suite of Internet access and management services - to set up a managed, branded and moneymaking hotspot or hotzone.



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