Hotel Ambassador and Hotel Astoria from Dubai Implements 4ipnet Hotel Solution for Indoor Wireless Coverage

DUBAI, UAE – June 14th, 2012 - 4ipnet, Inc., a leading wireless networking device provider for manageable, reliable, and secure wireless access, has deployed their Hotel Solution at two of the oldest hotels in Dubai, Hotel Ambassador and Hotel Astoria.

Hotel Ambassador and Hotel Astoria are at the center of various tourist attractions. As the oldest hotel in Dubai, Ambassador and Astoria Hotels carries the fine tradition of great hospitality and provides exceptional service and amenities. Equipped with and various business and entertainment amenities, including 24 hour business rooms, banquet halls, recreational facilities and dinning venues, Hotel Ambassador and Hotel Astoria aims to provide exceptional indoor wireless service for their guests and visitors.
The challenges to deploy wireless internet access at both Hotels include:

  • Penetrating ferro-concrete walls. Such structure exists due to long history of the building, and weakens the wireless signal, making it hard to maintain stable connectivity.
  • Provide multiple billing plans along with fast and easy account setup for on-demand users

After thorough evaluation and assessing the individual hotel’s needs, 4ipent EAP100 and WHG101 were selected to be the best fit for both hotels, giving its conference and business facilities a better software equipment and easy internet access for its customers. 

Whether they are recreational guests looking for a relaxing getaway or professionals here for business, simple and easy wireless access is a must. The WHG101 was deployed mainly within public area such as lobby and bar, restaurants, while the EAP100 were delpoyed mostly for the hotel guests usage, areas such as corridoors and private hallways.

4ipnet Hotel Solution at Hotel Ambassador

Since the initial deployment, indoor wireless coverage has been in operation with minimum troubleshooting. 4ipnet’s Hotel Solution proved to be a success, “The WHG101 & EAP100 proved to be the best products that fitted our needs, the solution has been in place since 2009”.

V. Benefits
Centralized Monitoring of Access Points.
All deployed access points are remotely monitored by the WHG401 via a single, integrated platform, providing a central point of administration and monitoring; each access point can be enabled or disabled for access by the network administrator.
On-Demand & AAA
The WHG101’s on-demand account generation capability provides instantaneous, chargeable accounts for visitors or event attendees.  Its multiple, customizable billing plans fit the needs of different kinds of guest needs.

Compilation of Detailed Reports
Detailed per-user traffic history log is available for analysis and record keeping. The WHG101 also generates billing report to provide a transaction summary of all transaction records for On-demand users

IP50 Dust-proof Metal Housing
The WHG101 and EAP100 are both designed with dust-proof metal housing for high-performance wireless connectivity in either enterprise or industrial environments of all dimensions.

4ipnet’s Hotel Solution is now available, contact 4ipnet for more purchasing details at:


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  3. Whether they are recreational guests looking for a relaxing getaway or professionals here for business, simple and easy wireless access is a must.

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