4ipnet @ Computex Taipei 2012 Report Update

4ipnet shines @ Computex Taipei
This year 4ipnet returns to Computex Taipei 2012 with a bang! With a complete product line fully displayed at Hall 1 Booth A0213a, 4ipnet has attracted the majority of Computex Taipei visitors to check out our latest innovation technologies in the Wireless LAN Solution Market.

4ipnet reestablishes its status as the "King of Hotspot"! With a devoted team of software engineers and a cultivated group of sales team, 4ipnet  is able to deliver a complete product portfolio including Secure Wireless Controller, Wireless Hotspot Gateway and both Indoor and Outdoor Access Points. The solutions presented include our Hotspot Solution, offering visitors an in depth view on how to make instant profitability from 4ipnet Hotspot Products, our Enterprise & Education Solutions, breaking the mobile roaming barrier for all Corporate Offices and Campuses, as well as a complete Hotel Solution, offering the ideal Guest Authorization,  Authentication and Accounting (AAA) services for any wired or wireless deployment schemes.

Highlighted Features:Some of 4ipnet's features has been getting a vast majority of the industries' attention. These features include our 4ipWES (Press-n-Connect), patented button which extends wireless coverage in an enclosed area linking a 4ipnet Wireless Hotspot Gateway and Indoor Access Point, or between two Access Points, depending on the venue size being deployed.
 Another highlighted feature includes the [QR Code] Auto Log-in feature, allowing operators or guests to access an on-demand account on their mobile device by scanning the QR code imprinted on the ticket.

The TAS (Terminal Auto Setup) Button feature is also another 4ipnet exclusive technology used in its SDS200W, Wireless Smart Device with the HSG260-WTG: Wi-Fi Hotspot Kit (HSG260 + SDS200W + PRT100). This technology allows the SDS200W to create a wireless link to the Wireless Hotspot Gateway, and effectively cutting down wired deployment costs. 

At this year's Computex Taipei, 4ipnet demonstrated  it's HSG260 Wireless Hotway Gateway's ability to provide smooth, and consistent wireless internet access, while extending the wireless coverage with EAP747, a concurrent dual-band Wall/Ceiling Mountable Indoor AP. The purpose for this deployment demonstration is to show an example of how 4ipnet's utilizes it's AP's wireless strength, allowing one device (HSG260) to provide 2.4GHz range while the other ceiling-mount AP (EAP747) provides 5Ghz range.

The Outdoor Access Point being displayed during the show is the OWL620, IP68 Industrial Grade with waterproof capability. The 2 X 2 MIMO Concurrent Dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n AP contains 4 x N-Type Connectors for field replaceable external antennas as well as AES over WDS High Speed Wireless Bridge. 

To learn more about 4ipnet Products and Solutions, please visit www.4ipent.com, or contact sales@4ipnet.com for any additional inquiries.

More pictures from Computex Taipei 2012:
OWL620 Industrial-grade AP 
4ipnet, The Center of Everyone's Attention
Ceiling-Mount EAP747



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