4ipnet Total Hotspot Solution

Whatis a Wireless Hotspot?

1.      It is a public area that provides wireless accessto the Internet, such as a hotel lobby, a restaurant, a Café, etc. The no. ofpeople gathered in a hotspot often ranges somewhat from 5 to 100. There isnormally no dedicated IT staff except a ‘part-time’hotspot operator.
2.      Users often use their portable/handheld wireless devices- laptops, tablets, or smart phones– to log on to the Internet; on the other hand, a hotspot owner either freelygives this service to them or charge them with a certain amount of money, basedon the quota spent.     
3.      Customers’ needs and wants are simple: WiFi/wireless Internet access, fast and steady wirelessconnection.
4.      As for a hotspot owner who can not be satisfied with merely aconsumer-grade AP giving   wireless services, they need somethingmore robust, in terms of user management, secure authentication and datatransmission, as well as a user-friendly accounting/billing system, etc. 

The Hotspot Solution
The Wireless Hotspot Kit –
HSG260 & WTG
        Giving wireless coverage
        Charging customers
        Printing receipts/ accounts
        Managing the users
Hotspot Operation
Billing Plans
4 types of plans
Billing methods (Authentication)
Online credit card payment, printed papers, free/trial 
Billing summary
Daily, weekly, monthly.
Total income and accounts sold
Customizable login pages
4 means
User access control (Optional)
Bandwidth control, routing control, policy control, etc.
Layer 2 firewall
Layer 2 Wireless security
Hotspot Deployment
Terminal Auto Setup (TAS)
WTG to HSG – automatic connection
Wireless Easy Setup (WES)
AP Coverage Extension AP to HSG – automatic pushing of wireless settings
Network Management System - NetMaster

Introduce Our Hotspot Gateway – WTG (Look at the deployment scenario)

1)     To set up a hotspot with security, bandwidth control, and abilling system in mind, the simplest and easy-to-deploy way kit is to have the wireless hotspot kit- HSG260 – WTG, Wireless TicketGenerator.. Like the one you see at the Help Desk here.
2)     The HSG is a hotspot gateway, meaning it acts as a controller whilegiving wireless network access.
3)     And “WTG” is a device set for generating temporary accounttickets. It comes with one “thermal printer” and one “ticket generator SDS200W.”SDS is used for giving orders like printing a certain type of ticket or askingfor the connection status, etc.


Q1. Is it possible not to buy a printerif there’s a budget constraint?
Sure. But one in that way you can only have 1printer under the gateway because their connection is through the console port.And you have to open a browser, using the Web UI to create accounts.  

Q2. You say things about extending wirelesscoverage by adding APs. But is there any constraint on the number of APs?
There’s no practical limit on the number of APs, but the maximum users for a4ipnet AP is 128, and our recommended concurrent (simultaneous) users of aHSG260 is 60 (100 or more is possible, at the expense of the throughput), soit’s based on the hotspot’s condition.   

Q3. Are the automatic connectionmethods TAS and WES safe?

Yes. They’re all encrypted. 



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