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How do I get an account to go online?
You can create an account from your room via the LAN port or over the counter for wireless access.

Do I have to pay right away?
You can pay right away of course but customers have the flexibility of choosing to let their internet bills be combined with your room bills. PMS integration Micros Fidelio/Opera and VLAN Port Location Mapping makes it possible to combine your internet charges, IPTV, phone bills, other room services etc all into one,

But what if I’m not staying in the hotel?
You can still get an On-demand account over the counter. You can also get an account from the self-service ticket generators placed in the hotel. (show HSG260-WTG, refer to hotspot solution if needed) TAS with the HSG260 is easily deployed and set up, straightforward for non-IT staff.

How many users can this support?
It actually depends on your application. We have 3 main lines of products and we cover different scales of deployments. For small to mid-size hotels we recommend the WHG311/315/405 and for large scale hotels we recommend the WHG515/707.

How fast is it?
4ipnet indoor/outdoor APs are MIMO. Some are dual-radio offering concurrent dual-band (2.4Ghz and 5 Ghz). This is perfect for high density coverage such as meetings and conferences. 4ipWES, high density/high capacity scalable network can be set up within minutes. (See EAP320)

Are there models that can be installed in walls or ceilings?
There is the EAP747 which is wall/ceiling mountable (see EAP747). It is really elegant looking in my opinion and it’s definitely not going to compromise the interior décor and renovations of the hotel. (budget concerns: EAP700)

Can I stay connected as I move around the hotel? Even outside?
That’s something we don’t have to worry about! Users have the mobility and can stay connected as they roam within the premises of the hotel, even outdoors on the golf course, beach or poolside. Our outdoor APs are IP68 built to withstand harsh weather conditions. You can get emails or even stay connected on the VOIP phone!
A very important step is for SI’s to do a Site Survey to assure good coverage.

Can I re-use my account name?
This is definitely possible through account roaming. Users could have a universal Account ID and Password, which means that they would be able to use the same account even in another branch of the hotel. This is a really convenient feature for users on frequent business trips and from the hotel’s standpoint, this is a good opportunity for corporate contracts with other businesses.

Can I set different access authorizations for different users?
Concept of Service Zones, Groups, Policies, Schedules and QoS for flexible applications. Blacklists based on username, or privilege list based on IP or MAC

Is it secure?
Layer 2 firewall, DoS protection, different data Encryption WEP, WPA, WPA2, 802.1X and variations of authentication options RADIUS, Local, POP3, LDAP, SIP, On-demand

So will I know who’s online and what the users are doing?
There is real time status of each individual user, User and system logs and report notifications. These records will be sent to an FTP or Syslog. (We can only track but no real-time monitoring)

I have 800 rooms in my hotel. Do I need 800 APs? How many APs do I need?
It depends on a lot of factors like user density, material of walls and also your application. The most practical way to find out is to do a site survey because this number differs from site to site.

What kind of PMS does 4ipnet Gateways work with?
Compatible with Micros Fidelios/Opera (They are the same company!)

What kind of interface does your gateway use to integrate with PMS?
IP-based (not serial connection). No middleware is needed for WHG405 and above as they are integrated with our gateways. No additional fees needed for middleware such as Net Retriever.

If I have 2 devices can I have them logged in at the same time in the room?
We are still working on quota calculation complications for multiple logins with On-demand account. Currently the work around is to pre-print On-demand accounts tickets to be given upon check-in.

In my country, we need to monitor every website and everything that the users are doing. Is this possible?
We do have a number of logs (HTTP web logs, User logs, etc) to keep track and these records can be offloaded to FTP or a Syslog server. (No real time monitoring)

Can I let customers have free internet access but I still want to control their bandwidth?
There is the Free Authentication option which allows users to only enter an email address to get internet access. There are also ways where you can customize the login procedure to achieve this. (Transparent login with Local authentication but allowing multiple logins)

How does your product integrate with the ‘cloud’?
We do have AP/Hotspot management capability over the internet. We also carry the NMS Netmaster which can manage up to 75 controllers. May we know your application?

What are some new products to be launched?
We do have a roadmap and some fascinating design to be launched. That’s for you guys to find out!

Do you guys have any patents for TAS?
Yes! TAS is part of Wireless Easy Setup (WES) and the patent is currently pending!

I’m a distributor in India. Does your controller manage other APs?
4ipnet Controllers do work with 3rd party APs.

What is the CPU speed and the RAM?
Our products are appliance based and we don’t normally offer CPU and RAM information. We do have a full range of product scale to meet various deployment sizes and we guarantee performance for all our products!


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