A world that evolves around Hotspots Part 1

Cafe Hawelka Login Portal
By Ernest 
Vienna, Austria Carrying a smart phone with you while traveling allows the possibility to discover how various Hotspot Cafe owners promotes and uses Wi-Fi to make a name for themselves.  
Last week, while I was walking by the famous Stephanplatz in Vienna, Austria I've encountered  multiple free Wi-Fi which allows users to surf the web at any nearby cafe. The 
efficiency  of Wi-Fi connectivity has completely convinced me to turn off my 3G roaming service, as it is very expensive and I was already over my traveling budget. 

Cafe Hawelka's login portal is an example of how local Hotspots are offering free Wi-Fi services for all tourists and locals passing by. Their intent of offering free Wi-Fi doesn't not minimize the 
opportunity to make money, but opens doors for anxious social-media starving tourists looking to update their social media and publicize their whereabouts. Needless to say, you can always use an extra cup of will while strolling in Vienna :)   

Cafe Hawelka @ Vienna, Austria



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