Social Media Login with 4ipnet

4ipnet supports free Wi-Fi access using “Social Login” including popular social Medias like “Facebook”, “Google+”, “LINE”, “Weibo”, “OpenID” and “VK”. Select your preferred social networking service and use the username and password for that service to sign on to the web site. This option negates the end user the requirement to remember his or her login information for other websites while providing site owners with uniform demographic information provided by the chosen social networking service. The use of Social Media Login allows the individual/group/business or venue to gain social media exposure and generate market awareness and revenue.

  • Advantages of Social Login :
Direct Content: With social login, websites have the option to accept profile and social graph data in order to customize and target personalized content to the user. This may include information such as name, email and etc.

Identities Differentiation: Any user can log in to any website with multiple social identities to allow them to manage their online identity. 

Speed up Registration: Many websites use the profile data returned from social login instead of having users manually enter their PII (Personally Identifiable Information) into web forms. This will speed up registration or sign-up process.

Link Accounts: Since social login can be used for authentication, many websites allow legacy users to link pre-existing site account with their social login account without the need to re-register.



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