4ipnet Launches the EAP701, an In-Wall 11n Wireless Access Point for an Optimal Managed Wi-Fi Experience

Sleek and compact, the EAP701 provides converged wired and wireless connectivity as well as unparalleled price performance.

4ipnet, a leading provider of competitive and comprehensive wireless LAN solutions for meeting the Wi-Fi demands of tomorrow, today announced the EAP701, a compact, fully-featured, and affordable enterprise-grade 802.11n access point. No effort was spared to ensure that despite the unassuming form factor, the EAP701 provides reliable, secure, and high-performance Wi-Fi with a complete centralized management suite.

One of the major selling points of the EAP701 is its compact size and pearl-white inconspicuous design, making it ideal for décor-sensitive indoor environments such as hotel rooms or offices, and in selected countries, allows it to be installed directly into existing standard-sized outlet boxes. To further reduce installation costs and increase deployment flexibility, the EAP701 supports 802.3af PoE via either a standard RJ-45 port or an alternate 110 punch down block. Finally, the two additional Ethernet ports enables the access point to act as a unified point of access for both wireless and wired devices – IP-based systems such as VoIP phones and IPTVs can be directly connected without adding external switches. Along with the automatic AP provisioning capability of 4ipnet wireless LAN controllers, enterprise WLAN deployments that are traditionally complex and expensive can be notably simplified.

4ipent EAP701 is an enterprise-grade AP that weighs 99g only.
When it comes to performance, the EAP701’s QoS features ensure that mission-critical applications run smoothly and complaints are minimized. For example, Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) increases the performance of differentiated wireless traffic such as audio, video, and voice. Furthermore, packet collisions can be reduced using the EAP701’s Layer 2 Firewall and Multicast-to-Unicast Conversion features, which prevents unnecessary packets from being transmitted onto the wireless medium. When combined with the 4ipnet WHG-series controller’s bandwidth control and traffic prioritization features, organizations can ensure network reliability and achieve a significant amount of cost-savings that would otherwise be spent on maintenance and troubleshooting.

Cost-minded enterprises and organizations will find that under the same budget, the EAP701 can provide increased network reliability and performance, for the reasons listed below:

1.      Extremely competitive pricing enables more APs to be deployed covering the same area.
2.      Densely deployed APs reduces the number of devices contending for airtime in the same channel, minimizing collisions and increasing overall network throughput. Also, the risk of individual APs being overloaded is substantially reduced.
3.      Client devices can be in a closer proximity to their respective APs, mitigating the effect of poor connectivity that is caused when clients are located at the coverage cell’s edge.

The newest addition to 4ipnet’s product portfolio, the EAP701 is a compact and powerful enterprise-grade access point that integrates seamlessly with 4ipnet wireless LAN controllers. Advanced functionality such as fine-grained AP and user management greatly reduces the workload of IT staff and network administrators, while standards-based authentication and encryption safeguards critical network resources. With the EAP701, 4ipnet offers a quintessential cost-effective managed Wi-Fi solution – simplified deployment, increased reliability, and maximized performance.

About 4ipnet

4ipnet is a global wireless network infrastructure provider for manageable, reliable and secure Wi-Fi access. The firm’s comprehensive product portfolio seamlessly unifies wireless and wired network access for all types of public Wi-Fi settings, ranging from small-sized hotels to large-scale enterprises. In an increasingly mobile-centric and data-driven environment, 4ipnet offers organizations affordable and competitive solutions to meet evolving capacity and performance demands while reducing total cost of ownership. For more information, please visit http://www.4ipnet.com or contact sales@4ipnet.com.



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