BYOD QR Code Login!

You are officially a step away from the fastest On-demand Acount Login ever. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) for Web Access has never been so entertaining and time efficient. Forget about inserting your Username & Password. Simply aim your Mobile Device at the ticket generated QR Code from our Wi-Fi Hotspot Kit and enjoy a Secure, Flawless web access.

The HSG260-WTG2 is a revolutionary Hotspot Kit. The three devices that makes up this kit include: Wireless Hotspot Gateway, Wireless Smart Device Server and our new upgraded Printer: PRT200. Once a plan is selected from our SDS200W, a ticket will be generated with a printed QR Code. Sure, you can choose to do the old fashioned way and insert the username & password, even memorize them if you have to, OR you can  simply aim your camera at the QR Code and make everyone happy.

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