Enjoy Superior Stay and Excellent Wi-Fi at Clifton International Hotel

Located in the heart of Fujairah, UAE, Clifton International Hotel is the first apartment hotel in Fujairah. Clifton International Hotel aims to immerse its guests in absolute comfort, which would not be possible today without high-performance Wi-Fi. As an apartment hotel, each unit of Clifton International Hotel is spacious (with 2 bedrooms, majlis, maid room & kitchen); therefore, providing sustained Wi-Fi coverage was one of the major challenges for Clifton.

After thoroughly evaluating various Wi-Fi solution vendors, Clifton International Hotel found that 4ipnet outshines the competition with superior products and comprehensive WLAN solution. The chosen solution included 4ipnet’s WHG425 controllers for performing AP and user management, EAP760 access points for Wi-Fi coverage and WTG2 ticket generator kit.

In order to provide complete wireless coverage for over 150 rooms and suites, the high-power 4ipnet EAP760 11ac access point was selected and deployed. To provide complete wireless connectivity and seamless roaming across the entire hotel, Clifton International Hotel deployed 8 APs on each floor with studio apartments, 3 APs for the staff room and restaurant and 1 AP in the lobby. All EAP760 are hidden in the ceiling space. The external antennas of the EAP760 were also adjusted for each AP according to site survey results, preventing coverage gaps and providing optimal connectivity.

4ipnet WHG425 is unique from other available solutions by integrating service zones, user access control and centralized WLAN management into one. Service zones allow a single WHG controller to simulate multiple independent virtual networks, each with their own user roles, schedule-based access policies and customized login pages. With this architecture, the hotel was able to offer location-based advertisements/information that catered to Wi-Fi users in different areas of the property. With centralized AP management and service zones features, WHG425 eliminates many repetitive and cumbersome tasks faced by the hotel IT staff.

In addition, WHG425 Social Media Authentication feature allows users to login with their existing social media accounts for Internet access without having to provide other credentials. By combining ticket printing at the front desk with guest self-authentication via social media login and QR code login, Clifton International Hotel provided guests with a flexible number of ways to get on the Wi-Fi network.

Clifton International Hotel was pleased with the installation process and performance of the new Wi-Fi solution. 4ipnet WLAN solution ensures a quality wireless experience across the property.



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