Savor the Sumptuous Dishes and Wi-Fi at Thanani Restaurant

As a chic and sophisticated restaurant of world class standards, Thanani, located in Ajman, UAE, is renowned for pairing traditional flavors in a modern style and providing extraordinary customer experiences. With customer’s increased desire to use their smart devices anytime and anywhere, Thanani knew it was essential to provide an effective Wi-Fi service to ensure an impeccable customer experience.

Thanani restaurant required a solution that provides complete Wi-Fi coverage for over 10,000 square meters that seats more than 200 guests. To deliver this, Thanani implemented 4ipnet’s WLAN solution that not only supplies sustained Wi-Fi signal throughout the property but also eases the troublesome work of access point and user management. The selected solution comprises 4ipnet’s WHG325 gateway-controller for performing AP and user management, as well as EAP767 and OWL630 access points for Wi-Fi coverage.

The WHG325 is an optimal choice for centralized management of medium-sized wireless LANs, as it supports monitoring up to 80 APs while performing role-based user authentication. After authentication, users would then be applied different usage policies such as firewall rules or bandwidth limitations, depending on their pre-assigned role. Another advantage of WHG325 is the Service Zone feature. With Service Zone functionality, Thanani can virtually segregate the wireless network into three (guest, staff and POS order system). Each Service Zone can have a unique configuration of enabled authentication databases, access schedules, user policies and independent network administrators. The fine-grained user control and network management features help Thanani maintain a secure and high performance Wi-Fi environment.

The simplistic and elegant design of 4ipnet's EAP767 makes it a perfect choice for blending into Thanani’s clean, simple and stylish interior design. EAP767 is a three-stream 11ac AP designed to support up to 1.75 Gbps aggregate throughput and 384 concurrent clients with wireless QoS and layer 2 firewall capabilities to ensure optimal connectivity. Since Thanani is located near the beach, offering a 100% outdoor Wi-Fi coverage in such harsh weather was a challenge but was successfully achieved with 4ipnet OWL630. OWL630's exterior is an IP68 rated, rust-resistant metal housing that is extremely sturdy and flexible to deploy. Besides, with two 3x3 MIMO radios that can each support up to 450 and 1300 Mbps data rates in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands respectively, the OWL630 is ideal for providing wire-like performance that is crucial for the restaurant.

With the solution provided by 4ipnet, Thanani restaurant not only met their initial expectations but exceeded them, and as a result was able to satisfy the needs of the guests. Now customers at Thanani can enjoy both high-end food and high-performance Wi-Fi!



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