Smart Campus Wi-Fi Solution for Bilva Indian School

Located in Dubai, Bilva Indian School is aimed to provide students with the best possible learning opportunities in academic subjects, personal development, moral values and life skills and the ability to face opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century wherever they may be. To accomplish their mission, a tech-savvy learning environment is a must. As the student experience in the classroom is changing and faculty and staff are more reliant on online learning, a reliable and robust Wi-Fi network is at the top of the priority list.

After comprehensively evaluating several competing WLAN solutions, Bilva Indian School found that 4ipnet’s WLAN solution best fulfilled their needs. With 4ipnet WHG525, the IT administrator are able to differentiate network access privileges between faculty members, students and guests with unique access policies depending on schedule, evaluating security and efficiency for wireless networks. By combining ticket printing at the front desk with guest self-authentication via social media and QR code login, Bilva provides guests with a flexible number of ways to get on the Wi-Fi network.

Advanced AP management features on the WHG525, such as automatic AP discovery and provisioning, bulk AP configuration and real-time status notifications, simplified the deployment process. Once the APs went online, users could seamlessly roam between different APs without losing connectivity.

In addition to WLAN controllers, access points also play a significant role in the solution. To provide complete wireless connectivity and seamless roaming across the entire building, Bilva Indian School deployed 60 EAP760 access points across the 2 Floor Classroom building. Featuring two 3x3 MIMO radios that can support up to1.3 Gbps data rate, 4ipnet EAP760 provides stable Wi-Fi service across all classrooms and corridors with fire rated doors, preventing holes in wireless coverage. Furthermore, when used with WHG525, the configurable wireless connectivity thresholds (CCA) and AP load balancing features help to mitigate the congestion caused by heavy concurrent access in areas such as lecture halls, providing a secure and reliable Wi-Fi service for over 1,000 active concurrent users.
From network services to user monitoring and AP management, 4ipnet has successfully delivered a fully-featured and competitively priced wireless LAN solution to Bilva Indian School. With 4ipnet's solution, Bilva Indian School is able to provide a dynamic and stable e-Learning environment that creates multiple opportunities for students to explore new avenues of learning.


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