FLC Samson Beach & Golf Resort Selects 4ipnet Wi-Fi Solution In Northern-central Vietnam

FLC Samson Beach & Golf Resort features the largest golf course-resort-hotel complex in northern-central Vietnam. In addition to its golfing facilities, the resort also offers various amenities across its 450 hectare property, including a 1,300-seat International Conference Center and an amusement park. In an era where guests expect stable and high-speed Wi-Fi service in luxury hotels, it was crucial for FLC Samson Beach & Golf Resort to meet customers' satisfactions. As a newly constructed multi-complex resort, the primary concern was to provide sustained Wi-Fi coverage, while having the capacity to centrally manage all the access points and perform detailed user policy enforcement.

"It is essential that we meet customers' expectations, since their feedback can greatly impact our long-term success," said Nguyen Van Kien, head of the resort's IT department.
After evaluating several vendors' Wi-Fi solutions, Mr. Kien and his team decided on 4ipnet as their final choice. 4ipnet WHG controller-gateways are unique from other solutions available by integrating service zones, user access control, and centralized WLAN management into one box. Service zones allow a single WHG controller to simulate multiple independent virtual networks, each with their own user roles, schedule-based access policies, and customized login pages. With this architecture, the resort was able to offer location-based advertisements that catered to Wi-Fi users in different areas of the property, such as the Clubhouse, Conference Center, and A La Carte and Fusion hotel zones.
For the access points, 4ipnet provided the resort with various options – EAP727, EAP760, EAP767, and OWL530 were installed to accommodate over 500 hotel rooms, residential villas, as well as outdoor facilities. The built-in enterprise-grade features and configurable connectivity thresholds of 4ipnet APs successfully met the demand of higher density environments, delivering a reliable user experience.

Once the new Wi-Fi deployment started operating, FLC Samson Beach & Golf Resort was more than pleased with 4ipnet's Wi-Fi solution, as Mr. Kien commented with great enthusiasm, "With 4ipnet, we can now ensure fast and uninterrupted service across the entire resort. 4ipnet Wi-Fi solution provides the highest functionality and reliability at the best price."

4ipnet offers one of the most comprehensive solutions for hospitality Wi-Fi. Guests and tourists visiting FLC Samson Beach & Golf Resort can now enjoy high-performing and steady Wi-Fi service during their stay at this coveted golfing and vacation destination.




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