Enjoy the Nightlife & Wi-Fi at Ningxia Night Market

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Located in the heart of downtown Taipei, Taiwan, Ningxia Night Market has always been high on the checklist for travelers visiting Taiwan. The various kinds of Taiwanese snacks and desserts make it the perfect choice for travelers who want to sample the full gamut of night market foods. The night market not only gained popularity among tourists, but is also loved by the locals. Ningxia Night Market was selected as the "Favorite Night Market in Taipei" in the 2015 Taipei Night Market Festival.

Where there are crowds, there is business. The network service provider of the night market was seeking a better way to monetize their wireless network. On top of that, given the rapid growth of Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets, visitors today expect to be constantly connected to the internet, regardless of where they are in the night market. Therefore, the night market's biggest challenge was to find a solution to keep offering the best Wi-Fi coverage and connectivity at such a crowded place. 

Looking for just the right solution, the network service provider had looked at several suppliers and found out that 4ipnet was the perfect match. Compared to other available solutions, 4ipnet WHG controller-gateway integrates service zones, user access control and centralized WLAN management into one. On top of that, the WHG425 Walled Garden feature allows visitors to access Ningxia Night Market's official website prior to authentication, making it more convenient for visitors to get necessary information. In addition, with the service zone functionality, network service providers can define different access policies, ensuring the overall network performance. Moreover, service providers can generate more revenue by offering vendors location-based advertising on the captive portals. 

For access points, EAP727 was selected to address the Wi-Fi challenge. Featuring two 2x2 MIMO radios that can support up to 300 and 867 Mbps data rates in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands respectively, EAP727 is ideal for providing wire-like performance. The built-in enterprise-grade features such as Traffic Prioritization, Layer 2 Firewall and Optimal Client Filtering, all of which ensured a smooth and uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience. Besides, configurable connectivity thresholds of EAP727 successfully met the demand of higher density environments, delivering a reliable user experience.

Ningxia Night Market is a perfect example of how a marketplace can successfully deploy a large-scale Wi-Fi network using 4ipnet's solution. With 4ipnet's solution, visitors of the night market can now smoothly share their nightlife online via social media, emails, video streaming, etc., and Ningxia Night Market can gain more visibility throughout the world.




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