Enjoy the Nature & WI-FI at Promisedland Resort & Lagoon

Quietly located between Taiwan’s Central Mountain Ranges and the Pacific Ocean, Promisedland Resort & Lagoon is a vacation wonderland surrounded by natural beauty. It is also the only hotel in Taiwan chosen by the book "100 Hotels & Resorts" as one of the world’s top resorts and named "Destinations That Lift the Spirit!"

For Promisedland Resort & Lagoon, guest satisfaction matters the most. In 2014, the hotel initiated a plan to provide Wi-Fi coverage throughout its 250-hectare property, including the lobby, villas (250 guest rooms), restaurants and an outdoor public area, to enhance guest experience. After thoroughly evaluating several solutions, the hotel chose to deploy a state-of-the-art network solution by 4ipnet, equipping itself with capabilities to deliver reliable and secure Wi-Fi service to its guests.
The solution includes 4ipnet’s WHG525 gateway-controller for performing AP and user management, and EAP701, EAP220 and OWL530 access points for Wi-Fi coverage. Advanced AP management features on the WHG525, such as automatic AP discovery and provisioning, bulk AP configuration, and real-time status notifications, greatly simplified the deployment process. Once the APs were brought online, users could immediately start to roam seamlessly between different APs without losing connectivity. Load balancing also prevented individual APs from being overly congested. With these functions, the Wi-Fi network was able to service numerous concurrent users with a low chance of potential downtime. On top of that, 4ipnet's role-based user policies allow IT administrators to pre-define multiple user roles and assign unique time-and-location based access policies in the wireless network.

The hotel selected multiple access point models for different environments and usage scenarios. The EAP220 was deployed in the common areas while the EAP701 was deployed in the guest rooms and the OWL530 in the public outdoor area. 4ipnet APs support numerous enterprise-grade features to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience. For example, the OWL530 comes with the ability to automatically detect nearby wireless utilization and adjust the internal Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) threshold accordingly. As a result, the OWL530 is able to transmit as often as possible without increasing the wireless packet collision rate, leading to increased network capacity and an improved overall network performance.

Lin Wen-Yi, IT department assistant manager of the resort, was pleased with the results. “Promisedland Resort & Lagoon is a large-scale luxury resort focused on accommodation quality, service, safety management, and the use of information to actively provide real-time service. Due to the vast scale of the property, the network services must be seamless and no dead spots should be found to ensure quality Wi-Fi experience. 4ipnet solution is the perfect choice! The concise and intuitive user interface (UI) and multiple network management offer the IT staff a variety of flexible options on user policies. Saving setup work by using the templates for AP provisioning, as well as integration with Hotel Asset Management System (PMS), are definitely musts at international hotels. Finally, with 4ipnet’s assistance and engineering department’s collaboration, the network infrastructure has been successfully deployed” said Lin.


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