4ipnet Launches the Most Affordable 802.11ac Access Point EAP727

4ipnet, a leading provider of competitive and comprehensive wireless LAN solutions for meeting the Wi-Fi demands of tomorrow, today announced the launch of its most affordable indoor 802.11ac access point, the EAP727. In addition to data rates up to 867 Mbps in 5 GHz, the AP also packs an array of advanced enterprise-grade functionality. With an easy-to-configure interface, controller-based management, and industry-leading price point of, the EAP727 offers unparalleled price-performance for hotels, universities, and other public-facing venues.

The wider channel widths and enhanced modulation brought by 11ac allows the EAP727 to provide true wire-like performance that significantly outperforms 11n-based networks. Furthermore, the increased data rate enables the same amount of data to be transmitted using less airtime, which translates to each AP supporting more concurrent devices. Adding on top of that advanced QoS features such as Airtime Fairness, Band Steering, and Multicast to Unicast Conversion, users are guaranteed to experience much more reliable and high performance Wi-Fi connectivity.

The dual-radio EAP727 can operate simultaneously in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, and supports enterprise-grade security features such as WPA2-Enterprise with 802.1X authentication, Layer 2 Firewall, and Station Isolation. Additionally, the AP utilizes 802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet), eliminating the need for traditional power sources. Along with its sleek pearl-white appearance, the AP can be placed in even the most aesthetically demanding environments to provide ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage.

When managed by 4ipnet WHG controllers, administrators can perform centralized AP management, AP load balancing, and rogue AP detection. Furthermore, role-based policies and bandwidth control facilitates fine-grained user management that is crucial for network security and performance. Key features include:
l   Automatic AP discovery and provisioning
l   Centralized monitoring of APs and users with real-time notifications
l   802.1X, MAC/IP address, or browser-based user authentication
l   Schedule-based bandwidth, QoS, firewall, and routing policies per role
l   Multiple Service Zones with independent subnets, VLANs, authentication methods, and customizable captive portals
l   DHCP, NAT, DNS, L2 isolation, and other network services

With 4ipnet’s complete AP, user, and network management solution, enterprises and organizations can achieve maximized return on investment for their wireless infrastructure.

Please contact sales@4ipnet.com for availability.

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4ipnet is a networking device provider for manageable, reliable and secure wireless broadband access. 4ipnet’s complete wireless LAN infrastructure product portfolio addresses the needs of different network operation environments, ranging from small-sized hotels to large-scale enterprises. With successful deployment cases around the world, 4ipnet offers an affordable yet comprehensive alternative to traditional enterprise-grade wireless networks. For more information, please visit www.4ipnet.com.

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