4ipnet WHG405 and EAP110 Selected for Alsalam Alnakheel Hotel (Rawda Grand), Saudi Arabia

I. Case Overview 

 Located in the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Alsalam Alnakheel Hotel is near the holy mosque and situated on the path of holy pilgrimage. The hotel offers a total of 200 rooms with 3 restaurants and a business center, accommodating tourists and business travelers from all over the world. To get a competitive edge in the thriving tourism business, the hotel has decided to upgrade for its hardware and hotel amenities, offering its guest better hotel services. Providing Wi-Fi access was the top priority. Alsalam Alnakheel Hotel decides to use 4ipnet WHG405 WLAN controller, working in conjunction with EAP110 access points to build a wireless network with managing system and feature-rich solutions.

II. Challenges

  • Build a easy manageable Wi-Fi network with simple user interface
  • Accounting and billing options—timed session, trial period, and more. Hotel guests and visitor can acquire free or on demand account ticket from the concierge generated by 4ipnet hotspot ticketing system
  • Wi-Fi for BYOD—Stable wireless signal for staff and guests for smooth multi-media streaming, data processing, or intranet connection, on every floor and conference center throughout the hotel

III. Network Solution

After thorough field examination, 4ipnet tech specialist has recommended 4ipnet WHG405 WLAN controller coupled with 50 4ipnet EAP110 access points for its Wi-Fi network deployment. 4ipnet WHG405 WLAN controller offers various useful features, including access authentication, SSID & VLAN tagging for traffic control, and more than 10 accounting and billing options. Free trial or on demand account information are printed through ticket generator, providing a fast and easy Wi-Fi access for its guests.

WHG405– Secure Wireless LAN controller in Gigabit Ethernet, ideal for mid-size enterprise, hotel, or campus, with 6000 built-in local accounts and 6000 on-demand accounts and manages up to 150 4ipnet AP in both local and wide areas AP management total

EAP110—Enterprise Access Point features multiple VLAN support coupled with multiple-SSID capability - one AP can simultaneously emulate up to eight Virtual APs with different ESSIDs, high speed (up to 300Mbps) with 802.11n/b/g 2.4GHz MIMO radio in IP50 dust-proof metal housing,

4ipnet’s WHG405 is designed to support college dormitories, apartmesnts, hotel networking, telcos or large hotspot operators networking. With its intuitive user interface, WHG405 integrates AP management, network overview, user authentication and control, enterprise grade security, and accounting/billing options all in one package. It provides simplified manageability and instant mobility. There are 10 pre-configured customizable billing plans—under time, volume based accounting policies. Account users can also choose to get WiFi account by 4ipnet ticket printer system or credit card via payment portals, such as Paypayl, WorldPay.

Example of Alsalam Alnkheel Hotel Wireless Network Deployment 

V. Benefits

Intuitive Web Management User Interface
The 4ipnet Wireless LAN Controller's user interface is created with user-friendliness in mind. The work tabs are simplified and more intuitive yet still retain all the great features 4ipnet has to offer. Related functions are grouped together and shown in sub categories. The web management interface is designed to provide SI technicians a simple and easy deployment process. Administrator can manage AP management, guest access control, logs report in a central place delivered by wired and wireless network.

Service Zones and Differentiated Network Services
The Service Zone feature enables managed, differentiated services of all type, including QoS, policy, URL filtering, and privilege, whether it be for complimentary Internet service for hotel visitors, charged wireless access for temporary users, or specific applications that demand QoS (quality of service) such as VoIP over Wi-Fi on iPhone.

On-Demand & AAA
The WHG405’s on-demand account generation capability provides instantaneous, free and chargeable accounts for visitors or hotel guests with customized login portal. Its multiple, customizable billing plans fit the needs of every hotel guests and visitors.

4ipWES Press-n-Connect with one touch button to extend wireless coverage effortlessly.

With 4ipnet’s patent-pending technology, 4ipWES Press-n-Connect, it is easy to extend the WLAN to the areas where cables cannot reach—with the simple touch of a button, the EAP100 automatically establishes an AES encrypted connection with its peer access point, effortlessly and securely expanding the network. Even the non-IT staff can handle the most complicated wireless WDS deployment in less than 10 seconds. This feature is especially handy when a fast network deployment and temporary Internet usage are required during events.­


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