4ipnet Presents Cost-effective Enterprise WLAN Solution

4ipnet, Inc., presents you the most ideal Enterprise WLAN Solution--WHG711 WLAN controller+ EAP220/EAP757 Access points, delivering dual band dual radio, high flexibility access points and comprehensive network management system.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – April 15th, 2013 - - 4ipnet, Inc. presents the latest cost-effective Enterprise WLAN Solution, WHG711 combined with EAP220/ EAP757, a fast and easy-to-manage wireless network system that comes with a friendly price tag.

4ipnet Enterprise WLAN Solutions delivers seamless Wi-Fi connectivity for small to large size enterprises. Large-scale enterprise that has remote office can easily share a central network with the branch office through WLAN deployment. 4ipnet WLAN controller provides a powerful central managing system that features secure networking system, access control, WLAN management, traffic management and prioritization, various accounting and billing options, and much more.

4ipnet WLAN WHG711 controller can also integrated with 4ipnet party access point and easily manages up to 15,000 local and on demand accounts, providing the most flexible Wi-Fi deployment choices. The new user interface built in WHG711 presents a more intuitive menu bar that allows users to guide themselves through the set-up process with a breeze.

4ipnet Enterprise Access Points features multiple SSID & VLAN tagging, which separates traffic of different departments, and access authentication. All 4ipnet access points come with 802.1X enterprise-grade authentication, ensure network security for business users. To meet the demand of high density area, 4ipnet access points feature client load balancing to ensure airtime fairness and band steering that guarantee fast and quality wireless signals for multimedia streaming, large data transmission, and more.

4ipnet EAP 220 supports speeds up to 300Mbps and is the most cost effective dual band dual radio access points among the 4ipnet AP product line. With its IP50 dustproof case, EAP220 is designed to support high density venues, such as train stations, airport lounges, that desire to provide fast and reliable wireless access.

4ipnet EAP757 is a concurrent dual-band MIMO radios access point housed in an elegantly designed white casing. EAP757 blends in perfectly with the environment without interfering with the existing interior design, makes it perfectly ideal of hotel venues. Embedded with 802.11a/b/g/n and supports both 2.54/5 GHZ simultaneously, EAP757 operates on channel 1 and 11 in 2.4 GHz, and therefore support more 2.4 GHz mobile device users, is a high performance access points that powerful, high throughput access points for enterprise users.

The 4ipnet Enterprise Solution provides a comprehensive package for business looking for affordable WLAN solution with powerful features, such as AP and network management, user authentication/control, device overview, status report, various accounting/billing options, and much more. We deliver fast, secure and reliable Wi-Fi network.


4ipnet Enterprise WLAN Solution (WHG711/EAP220/EAP757) are now available. Visit our website at www.4ipnet.com or contact sales@4ipnet.com

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