4ipnet PMS Integration with Wireless LAN Controller

This section introduces the Port Location Mapping feature. This feature is designed for
creating multiple VLAN divisions (as if they were separate LAN ports) under a Service
Zone and mapping these VLANs to different locations individually. This feature can be
utilized to provide separate VLAN to separate clients in MTU/MDU deployments where
a VLAN switch is deployed under the gateway to provide VLAN connection to individual

The Port Location Mapping feature is also commonly used in hospitality venues to
manage the internet service for their guest rooms and public areas. In addition it can
operate in conjunction with third party hospitality applications and has been tested
with the Net Retriever middleware which provides seamless integration between the
gateway and the popular High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) hardware and Front
Office System (FOS) software.

Each Port Location Mapping entry can be configured to provide charged (single or
multiple user), free or blocked internet service at the location corresponding to the
entry’s VLAN Tag. Please note that for charged service to work, it is required that at
least one or more On-demand Billing Plans are created, allowing the user to choose a
desired plan to pay for their internet access.


1. WHG Wireless LAN Controllers default support Micros PMS interface and NetRetriever middleware interface, if you require dedicated support in creating or customizing your own interfacing hospitality software, please contact your 4ipnet sales representative at sales@4ipnet.com



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