It's a Christmas Miracle! HSG260-WTG2 Comes to Save the World!

Once upon a time, in a town with millions of mobile device uses, a café stood decades with its heavenly-taste coffee and royal customers. Despite its dedication to distinguish coffee-roasting skills, great service and fine tradition, the number of customer declined over the years. The café owner, David, couldn’t figure out why the business isn’t doing well.

The shop has passed down generations to generations. His grandparents made a solid foundation and built its name in the town. His parents took the business to another peak and pass down the prestige to him. Troubled with questions and running out of ideas, he strolled down the city, looking for ways to spark his brain. With no destinations in mind, he found himself wondering in a park. He felt so doomed and pray to God and ask for a Christmas miracle. “Dear God, if you’re there. Please give me a sign! I’m so out of idea and in desperate need to save my business,” he said.

He then hurried back to the shop and start searching hotspot solutions. He spent the whole day going through pages and pages of product introduction. Sadly, all of them seem too hard to setup and with absolute no technical training and background, he had no clue how to run a Wi-Fi hotspot in his little café.

Just when he was feeling defeated and about to give up, he spotted a sentence on a webpage “simple and easy to setup.” Out of curiosity, he clicked it and an elegantly designed, box-looking thing with antenna popped to his pace. He called up the number on the website and the customer representative greeted him friendly. David finally found exactly what he need—and easy to setup hotspot gateway that came pre-figured. All he needed to do is to press the WDS button to build the link and its ready to go!

With in a month, people started to come back to this vintage looking café and spend their delightful afternoon there. HSG260-WTG2 increases the customer number tremendously. The revenue generated from on-demand accounts also creates extra profit for the store. Customer simply used their smart phones to scan the QR code imprinted on the ticket for instant internet access.

Once again, HSG260-WTG2 saved a small shop on the edge! Miracles do exist!

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