4ipnet HSG260-WTG2 wins ITpro Corporate Choice Award 2012

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With more and more Enterprise Wi-Fi Solutions now open for public access, internet usage through smartphones or tablets are becoming the mainstream access to the web.

However, setting up a wireless network simply by adding an AP is considered incomplete without the enterprise's acknowledgement on how to protect internal information, but also to protect employees, customers, and the allocation of bandwidth resources.

4ipnet provides a series of powerful Hotspot Gateway management features, including an internal to external customer customization management interface in order to provide the best customer satisfaction experience.

Reason for Award
The HSG260-WTG2: Wi-Fi Hotspot Kit is fully compliant with the current small businesses' need for high security and easy-to-use design. The Hotspot Kit is easy to install and operate. It's user-friendly layout creates operational flexibility and it's innovative QR Auto-login feature delivers a convenient user experience.
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Strengthened Wi-Fi Security
In addition to HSG260's management policy settings, layer 2 Firewall and easy-to-use network management functions, HSG260 consists of two private and public ports for network segment isolation so guests can not access the internal network. This prevents network information from leaking and meets the enterprise network high demand for high security.

Customized Login/Logout Interface
Enterprises has the option to customize it's own login portal content and the Walled Garden ad links in order to deliver options for online shopping , latest news, or just to establish a corporate image. The administrator can set up multi-level administrative account, so even employees with minimum IT background can operate simple settings, such as setting up and customizing online advertisement.

The Industry's First Ever "QR Code Auto-Login Feature!
The SDS200W (Smart Device Server) can easily produce a temporary account and print out a ticket through the PRT200 (POS Printer). Customers with any smartphone "scan" application can scan the imprinted QR Code for auto-login and access the Internet in a breeze.



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