4ipnet's OWL610/L620 Long Range Access Point

OWL620 Outdoor AP

OWL620 Back View
4ipnet, the leading provider of networking total solutions for wireless and wired Connectivity, Management, Security, Mobility and Services, has newly launched OWL610 and OWL 620, Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n devices for long range transmission.

Both OWL610 and OWL620 support AP and bridge mode, as well as a last mile solution for wireless connectivity (WISP). Tunnel-based AP management features 4ipnet Secure WLAN Controllers to secure AP management. Rugged in IP68 metal casing, both devices are weatherproof, watertight, and rust- resistant, making it the perfect choice for outdoor/industrial/harsh environment.

OWL610 and OWL620 are great of recreation resorts, hotels, hospitals, campuses, and more. Both device can be managed by 4ipnet controller (WHG Series) under AP mode or perform as a Wi-Fi base station in either a public or private wireless access deployment. Gigabit Ethernet port with IEEE 802.3 af PoE, eliminates the need of additional power cable. In addition, the device Power Supply Equipment (PSE) is bundled in the package.

OWL620 is a concurrent dual-band long range outdoor AP/ bridge that serves both 2.4 and 5.0 Ghz at the same time, provide best Wi-Fi connectivity in indoor high density areas (both 5 Ghz, both 2.4Ghz, or one 5Ghz one 2.4Ghz). Concurrent dual-band is a cost-effective Wi-Fi solution. One device is able to serve twice the amount of concurrent clients, effectively increase connectivity without additional devices, and greatly reduces downtime loss. Dual channel selection reduces possible RF interference from other access points or wireless devices, guarantees Wi-Fi stability and reliability. With growing number of smart devices utilizing 5Ghz capability, OWL620 would best meet the rising demand.

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