4ipnet: We Know Wireless Mobility Matters

At 4ipnet, we know Wireless Mobility Matters, this is true today and will continue to emerge as the No.1 priority for wireless coverage. We want uninterrupted, limitless, fast wireless internet within our grasp.

Mobile Devices, responsible for the current wireless traffic meltdown, 3/4G overload and security comprises. It seems it was yesterday when our breathe were taken away playing "The Prince of Persia" on the Apple Computer in 1994.
In 2014, you can stream the Prince of Persia wireless right through your phone! In no time, you'd probably be viewed as primitives if you keep looking to avoid smart devices. The rapid, instantaneous access to acquire information is defining technology evolution, and enterprises may be loosing its edge over other competitors if it refuses to evolve.

Even though technology is changing our world at such a rapid pace.  We cannot let it change the humane part of our lives. Some wireless providers make innovation by building new technology on top of old ones, complicating settings and usual protocols. At 4ipnet, we understand technology is meant for boosting productivity and not to complicate our daily lives.

This is why 4ipnet has designed its Wi-Fi Solutions from the basic. We break down the current needs of the environment and simplify complicated settings to improving security protocols to a fast, easy and secure user interface. Our design is fitting for all types of venues and industries ranging from hospitality, education, telecom 3G-offload, ISP, industrial, medical, SMB, to the SOHO. Our software is compatible to the most technology advanced hardware, and delivers improved voice and video quality while all in motion.

At 4ipnet: We Know Wireless Mobility Matters.



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