4ipnet “King of Hotspot” Campaign highlights Dual-radio Dual-band Wireless Hotspot Gateway

Taipei City, Taiwan, October 17, 2012 -- 4ipnet, Inc., a leading wireless networking device provider for manageable, reliable, and secure wireless access, announced the release of HSG320 and HSG327, dual-radio Hotspot Gateway providing an all-in-one solution for servicing clients and performing AAA (Authentication, Authorization & Accounting) for indoor high density venues. One dual-radio, dual band Hotspot Gateway can serve twice the amount of concurrent clients, increasing connectivity without increasing the number of devices.

The HSG320 and HSG327 are both compatible with 4ipnet Wireless Ticket Generator Set (SDS200W Wireless Smart Device Server and PRT200 POS Printer). This solution offers an all-in-one-ticket printing solution by printing on-demand tickets with an encrypted QR Code. The numerical pad on the SDS200W allows operator to select and print out customized on-demand tickets for up to four accounting types. Once the ticket is printed, users have the option to login by manually typing in the username and password or scanning the QR Code from a handheld wireless device.

The HSG320 and HSG327 both consists of dual-radio, dual-band performance, perfect for high density environment filled with wireless devices consuming networking traffic and slowing down data transfer. The emergence of new devices supporting 5Ghz frequency creates a market need for dual-radio frequencies operating on different channel (Both 5Ghz, both 2.4GHz or one 5Ghz and one 2.4Ghz). The dual-radio usage allows maximum flexibility in channel selection to avoid RF interference with other access points and other wireless devices.

To expand wireless coverage, 4ipnet “4ipWES” Wireless Easy Setup helps hotspot owners expand the network effortlessly and securely with the simple touch of a button, quickly establishing AES encrypted connection with 4ipnet access points.

The 4ipnet HSG320 and HSG327 Dual-radio Dual-band Wireless Hotspot Gateway are available, visit our website at www.4ipnet.com or contact 4ipnet for more purchase details at sales@4ipnet.com.
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4ipnet, Inc. is a networking device provider for manageable, reliable and secure wireless broadband access.  4ipnet’s complete WLAN infrastructure solution portfolio addresses the needs of different network operation environments ranging from the Telco to the SOHO.  For more information, please visit www.4ipnet.com.

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