Catholic University of Maule, Campus Curicó, Chile, Implements 4ipnet Wireless Solutions

Catholic University of Maule was created in 1991, by Bishop of the Diocese of Talca, Monsignor Carlos Gonzalez Cruchaga in Chile. The university strives to educated students and train professionals imbued with Christian spirit and provide a diverse environment for its students.
To improve the existing campus-wide Wi-Fi access, the university decided to deploy 4ipnet access points along with WLAN controller in two buildings of the Campus Curico.  Students and faculty will have easy Internet access throughout the libraries, reading rooms, the theater, and indoor/outdoor common area.
II. Challenge
  •  Provide comprehensive coverage (replace the original omni-directional antennas) through out the desired premises.
  • Supports up to 1100 concurrent users during peak time.
  • Access control—grant access only to students and campus faculty
  • A central monitoring/management system from the campus of Curico and should be able to integrate with future network system if desired.

II. Network Solution
After thorough assessment, 4ipent tech specialists have suggested 3 4ipent products, EAP700 (5 pcs), EAP200 (31 pcs), and OWL500 (4 pcs), and WHG707 WLAN controller (1 pc), for Catholic University of Maule. 4ipnet WHG707 WLAN controller can easily authenticate internet access and manages all APs.
  • EAP700—802.11 b/g wall-jack (or ceiling mount) access point
  • EAP200—Powerful (2x2 MIMO) 802.11n/b/g Access Point that can speed up to 300Mbps, encased in IP50 dust-proof housing
  • WHG707—GbE Secure WLAN Controller, manages up to 500 Layer2/Layer 3 indoor and outdoor 4ipnet Access Points and monitors up to 500 Layer2/Layer 3 indoor and outdoor 3rd Party Access Points.
  • OWL500—500mW Wi-Fi 802.11b/g device for long range wireless transmission with IP68-rated metal housing (weatherproof, watertight and rust-resistant).

4ipWES Press-n-Connect with one touch button to extend wireless coverage effortlessly.
With 4ipnet’s patent-pending technology, 4ipWES Press-n-Connect, it is easy to extend the WLAN to the areas where cables cannot reach—with the simple touch of a button, the EAP200 automatically establishes an AES encrypted WDS connection with its peer access point, effortlessly and securely expanding the network.  Even the non-IT staff can handle the most complicated auto wireless WDS deployment in less than 10 seconds.  This feature is especially handy when a fast network deployment and temporary Internet usage are required during events.

 V. Benefits
Centralized Management of Access Points.
WHG707 provides an easy and manageable platform to monitor all 4ipnet or third party access points.  WHG 707 provides a central point of administration and monitoring. Each access point can be enabled or disabled for access by the network administrator.
Quick and Secure Wireless Extension
With 4ipWES Press-n-Connect, a quick and secure wireless extension is possible through one-touch configuration and deployment. Coverage expansion has never been simpler.
Stable and Reliable Wi-Fi Signal
With a central managing system monitoring all access points, problems with leaky cable and unstable signal can be minimized



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