Cutting Down Costs with a Point-to-Point Wireless Bridge

400Mbps is here to stay with 4ipnet's OWL600RL. The new 4ipnet Outdoor Access Point: Point-to-Point Wireless Bridge Kit has revolutionized the entire the Wireless Deployment scheme by breaking Wireless Transmission Speed boundaries with 400Mbps

Low installation and maintenance cost
High installation and maintenance cost
ROI achieved in a few months
ROI achieved over years
Quick and easy installation
Trenching fiber is slow and difficult
Completely scalable in all types of terrain
Difficult to scale in rural/remote locations as well as densely populated metropolitan areas
Service Time
Repairing faulty network would only involve replacing individual devices
Repairing network would involve checking entire length of fiber for cuts
Devices can be centrally managed from a single PC
No method for central management

Introducing 4ipnet Outdoor Point-to-Point Wireless Bridge Kit


l             Point-to-Point link
l             High speed (600 Mbps theoretical; 400 Mbps real throughput) link up to 2.5 km separation
l             Wireless vs. Wired - much lower TCO (total cost of ownership)
l             $/Mbps much lower than that of competitors
l             Point to point link that has real throughput speeds up to 400 Mbps while using Wi-Fi Spectrum



Enjoy Shopping and Reliable Wi-Fi at Portal de la Marina

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