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By Ernest

We've heard it all before. From Low-Cost to High Performance, Ultra-High 300Mbps Speed to Wireless Security...But what allows 4ipnet's Concurrent Dual-band AP to stand apart from our competitors does not just stop with our state-of-the-art hardware, but the true essence of our value lies within our ability to create innovative software solutions which allows every industry in the world to utilize the most current, advancement technology effectively, at minimum costs, and most importantly, the ability to manage these technology with ease.

The Ability to Multi-Task

Around the office I see a variety of mobile devices the ability to access the internet, this leads to corporate staffs constantly  fighting for bandwidth. The 4ipnet's Concurrent dual-band MIMO antennas spread hyper-fast data rates of up to 600Mbps across two different bands (2.4Ghz & 5Ghz)! Whether you’re streaming a video while researching on the web, downloading music while playing online games (fraud upon in the office), or talking to friends staring at pictures of random animals (I have a friend obsessed with cats), one things you can count on is your high speed wireless connection.
4ipnet's software built within its APs have the ability to prioritize important tasks so heaving data loading won't slow you down. And with Gigabit Ethernet ports, your wired devices will probably be moving faster than ever before. One of 4ipnet's major software enhancement is our Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) and IGMP Snooping technology. It allows our Concurrent-dual band APs to prioritize different types of network traffic for the cleanest, smoothest wireless audio, voice, and video experiences possible. Coupled with configurable QoS technology, you can download, surf the web, stream video, or join a live video conferencing without worrying about connectivity!

And it can all be MANAGED *License Free!

Another one of the major advantages for 4ipnet Dual-band Access Points is that it 

can physically be deployed at any location with an IP network and completely managed remotely by a 4ipnet Wireless LAN Controller. Its WLAN can be logically incorporated into a remote 4ipnet Secure WLAN Controller that manages it through the internal network via secure tunnels. With Tunneled AP Management, wireless clients associated to any 4ipnet AP can enjoy the network service provided by the remote 4ipnet Secure WLAN Controller.

Whats more appealing about AP Management is it's ability to switch frequencies at anytime, anywhere, depending on the user and requirements of the venue. 4ipnet's AP management support and liscence is unlike no other. It's completely free, no strings attached.
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