4ipnet WHG401 WLAN Controller Deployed in Bab Albahr Hotel in Tripoli, Libya

Bab AlBahr Hotel in Tripoli, Libya, is located near the city center. The hotel provides complementary wireless access throughout its premises using a number of APs. Without a centralized WLAN controller, the existing APs were not able to provide stable wireless connectivity and roaming was not available. IT specialists face issues like unspecified error and have to go through time-consuming process to manually reset the password every week, which generates unnecessary costs for the hotel.

II. Challenges

-Unstable wireless signals in various locations throughout the hotel

-Different SSID and password in different area, roaming was not available.

-IT specialists need to change password for AP once a week

-The insignificant but necessary tasks consumes most of IT specialists’ working hours
III. Network Solution
After gathering specific request and needs from IT specialists, the Bab AlBahr Hote has decided to use WHG401 WLAN controller to integrate with their existing AP to provide a central management system.
            WHG401 – GbE Secure WLAN Controller, managed at to 150 4ipnet Access Point and monitors up to 200 Layer2/Layer 3 indoor and outdoor 3rd Party Access Points
In the hospitality industry, Wi-Fi access is essential and a must-have for any guests. This deployment improves stable wireless connectivity and provides roaming throughout the entire hotel premises. The On-demand AAA feature allows instant account generation at the concierge, allowing the hotel to provide a better service for its visiting guests.
The WHG401 supports up to 200 units of 4ipnet Access Points by auto-discovery and -configuration during deployment.  All configurable network specifics—custom login portal, billing and payment settings, Service Zones—can be done centrally.

Figure 1 shows 4ipnet WHG401 at the Bab Albahr Hotel in Tripoli, Libya
V. Benefits
Centralized Monitoring of Access Points.
All deployed access points are remotely monitored by the WHG401 via a single, integrated platform, providing a central point of administration and monitoring; each access point can be enabled or disabled for access by the network administrator. With the WHG401, hotel IT personnel can access 3rd party UI’s and change the deployed Access Point remotely.
Service Zones and Differentiated Network Services.
The Service Zone feature enables managed, differentiated services of all types, whether it be for staff personnel or for hotel guests, charged wireless access for temporary users, or specific applications that demand QoS (quality of service) such as VoIP over Wi-Fi on iPhone. The WHG401 was able to provide consistent Wi-Fi coverage with the same SSID, allowing guest and visitors to roam within the hotel premises and enjoy the internet access from various locations.
On-Demand & AAA
The WHG401’s on-demand account generation capability provides instantaneous, chargeable accounts for visitors or event attendees.  Its multiple, customizable billing plans fit the needs of different kinds of guest needs.

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