4ipnet BYOD Solution, you can't stop revolution

4ipnet makes wireless connectivity a breeze
BYOD is becoming the new standard for business connectivity, and it all starts with self-service registration.

A successful BYOD Solution must be fast, easy and secure. 4ipnet urges the importance of self-service technology so non IT personnel can have direct, painless access to a customized internet portal. By simplifying the on-demand account process, self-service device registration provides the first and last mile of any BYOD solution.

We are just in the beginning phases of the BYOD Revolution. Think about the future, where your backpack, glasses and possibly even your wardrobe will all be demanding wireless connectivity. IP addresses will be impossible to keep track , and needless to say, we would probably have to talk about ourselves in the 3rd person.

The gist of it all is that new business models are unpreventable, it will emerge, and demand faster and securer ways to manage multiple devices at once. Our QR Code Auto-Login feature just gives you a taste of what's more to come, and we are just as excited as you.



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