Unleash!!! The HSG260 Wireless Hotspot Gateway only from 4ipnet!

Taipei City, Taiwan, May 11th, 2012 -- 4ipnet, Inc., a leading wireless networking device provider for manageable, reliable, and secure wireless access, is promoting the HSG260, a 802.11 b/g/n Wireless Hotspot Gateway with multiple turnkey Hotspot Features in order to establish new business models for cost-saving hotspot operations.
The HSG260 can combine with Hotspot Kit like the HSG260-PRT or HSG260-WTG. On the HSG260-PRT, the quick print button on the HSG260 Wireless Hotspot Gateway allows a one-step ticket printing solution provides an alternative way to generate on-demand tickets for every type of hotspot venue, as the HSG260 is connected directly to a POS Printer. A single push on the Quick Print Button allows operators to access the on-demand ticket directly. Operations can look to minimize operation costs without the need to purchase an additional device server.

The HSG260-WTG allows for multiple comprehensive accounting types along with 10 flexible billing options, allowing hotspot owners to provide wireless Internet access for free or for a fee by both wired or wirelessly. The HSG260-WTG is a Wi-Fi Hotspot Kit that contains a POS Printer and SDS200W, Wireless Smart Device Server. The entire hotspot operations can instantaneously generate on-demand accounts and print corresponding tickets by entering the desired billing plan through a numerical pad on the SDS200W.

The HSG260 also outstands with its innovative functionalities, such as 4ipWES Press-n-Connect for WDS Easy Setup. This 4ipnet’s proprietary technology helps hotspot owners expand the network effortlessly and securely with the simple touch of a button, quickly establishing AES encrypted connection with other 4ipnet access points.

The HSG260 contains 1 WAN Port with 4 LAN Ports (2 Public Ports and 2 Private Ports), all Gigabit Ports to maximize continuous multimedia streaming. These 4ipnet advanced features add up to bring hotspot owners a well managed, wireless solution, and most importantly, a new wireless hotspot business model.

The 4ipnet HSG260 Gigabit Wireless Hotspot Gateway is now available, visit our website at www.4ipnet.com or contact 4ipnet for more purchase details at sales@4ipnet.com



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