4ipnet HSG260-WTG Hotspot Gateway

by Jordan 
If you are a mini/small business owner looking for wireless hotspot gateway, what would be the criteria you look for? Easy installation? Profitable solution? User interface that allows account tracking and management? For years, 4ipnet has been developing the leading wireless solution in the industry. HSG260-WTG is one of our most popular star products that is specially designed for people with no IT background. HSG260-WTG is known for its easy setup 4ipWES feature and self-guided user interface.

HSG260-WTG supports 500 local accounts and 2000 on-demand accounts for visitors, perfectly ideal for any mini or small business venues. Multiple accounting features are available—time-span, cut-off, duration, volume used, or even free trial, providing maximum flexibility for users. 

My personal favorite features are 4ipWES Press-n-Connect and Terminal Auto Setup (TAS) Button for Easy Ticket-Printing. 4ipWES is a user friendly feature that allows simple and easy wireless network expansion. TAS makes Wi-Fi account creation an easy breezy process. You can skip the boring steps of reading lengthy user manual or trying to figure out the right installation process.

For more information about 4ipnet HSG260, please visit 4ipnet.com



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