Wireless Network Management

by Jordan 
The demand for wireless network management solutions has grown rapidly since the prevalence of smart phones and other mobile devices has generated a surge in wireless network demand. Smart phones, tablets, and other lightweight, handheld devices allow instant access to online gaming, video streaming, and other utilities and people demand internet access 24-7. Wireless access has become an alternative solution for 3G/4G connectivity in order to provide internet access anywhere, anytime.
Wireless Network Management allows a more efficient and reliable network performance. Wi-Fi providers usually run into problems, such as how to efficiently facilitate work-flow, maximize coverage, and provide network security. Billed Wi-Fi service has also become a cash cow for commercial establishment or other small businesses that provides public Wi-Fi conneciton. Wi-Fi network management can easily provide solutions for network providers to solve these problems.

4ipnet is a leading provider in wireless network devices and infrastructure. Our product supports (AAA) authentication, authorization, accounting to ensure only authorized users have rights to internet access. 4ipnet understand your business needs and provide the simplest solution for access point deployment and hotspot setup. 4ipnet are dedicated to provide fast and secure network solutions for enterprise, small business, and government/ education systems.

4ipnet we make your wireless network management: Simple and Efficient.



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