The Future of Wireless Connectivity

by Ernest 
Lately, I've been boggled by the future state of wireless connectivity. As more and more smart phones, laptops, and other handheld devices becomes smaller, faster and compatible with surrounding computer-like equipment (USB, Cloud Storage etc..), seems like the need for Ethernet Ports or RJ-45 cable wires are no longer as necessary as it use to be.

When I first moved into my dormitory room in college back in the early days (yes, my age is a secret), one of the first and most important items on my need-to-do were: 1) Buy an Ethernet Cable 2) Buy a wireless card. Fortunately today, neither equipment seems to be as important as it use to be. 

With wireless connectivity becoming more important and easier to carry, wired connectivity becomes only necessary when performing critical missions, such as server backup and transferring high level sensitive information.  

In my mind a compilations of everyday venues appear, such as school campuses, cafeterias, corporate offices, shopping malls, metro stations, places that impact our everyday life will be improved simply because of the emergence of wireless technology. Wired cables are diminished and spaces are cleared, meaning more profit and less IT monitoring for business owners everywhere.  The commonality of Wireless connectivity will change the way current wired infrastructure is setup, and thus create a newer,improved way of doing business. 



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