EAP747, a State-of-the-Art Wall or Ceiling Mount Access Point from 4ipnet

EAP747 deployed in the 4ipnet Office
by Ernest
I came to work on a lovely Wednesday morning, ate my routine peanut butter and jelly sandwich while trying to connect my laptop to the office cloud. To my surprise,  I stumbled upon a new, strange SSID  labeled "cip-psk92" signaling around the office. Usually,  I don't change my wireless connection just randomly since I like to keep certain things the same way during work, however, curiosity made me begin to search for the owner of this unknown SSID I was not made aware of.

After tearing through the break room, the lobby, the kitchen and even the guests hallway, I found myself in desperate need of some closure. I  headed towards our Product Management department looking for clues on where I might find the surprise host. Luckily, one of our Product Manager kindly explained to me that they have deployed an additional Access Point in one of the meetings rooms I searched earlier.

Much in doubt (since I looked really hard the first time around), I went back and search again for another 15 minutes until I discovered our EAP7474 mounted on the ceiling. At first I could not comprehend how the AP was mounted on the ceiling, it blended in so well to the ceiling color one could hardly notice the difference. Looking at it closely, I discovered the EAP747's advantage for dual mounting by combining it with a customized mounting package especially designed for both ceiling and in-wall purposes, while at the same time delivering high speed wireless signal.

In order to test the signal strength of the new Gigabit AP (2 Dual-band Antennas), I logged on the testmyspeed.com and ran a few tests from different parts of the 4ipnet office. To my delight, the plastic cased AP performed quite nicely, offering on an average of 33.1Mbps to 40Mpbs download speed throughout out venue.

On a side note, I was pleased with how well the EAP747  fitted in with the rest of the 4ipnet Product line. Like other metal cases APs, the EAP747 can be managed through tunnel-based management. It also offers the popular 4ipWES (Press-n-Connect) deployment flexibility just case your office just happens to be a lot wider than 4ipnet's. Finally, I discovered it quite suitable for some hotels, since a phone-socket RJ11 was also designed onto the device, who needs a modem now?

Get to Know the EAP747 Ceiling/Wall Mount Access Point http://www.4ipnet.com/en/products_detail.php?name=EAP747



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