4ipnet introduces Wireless Hotspot Kit: HSG260-WTG at Best Choice Awards

4ipnet Product Engineer explaining
the TAS function on the HSG260-WTG
4ipnet presented its hottest product: HSG260-WTG at the Best Choice Awards Preliminary Round at the National Taiwan University, on April, 13, 2012. The presentation allows 4ipnet Engineer to showcase the the highly anticipated product in front of a panel filled with judges from different areas of expertise.

The presentation highlighted 4ipnet's TAS Button feature, allowing the SDS200W Wireless Smart Device Server to establish a wireless connection to the HSG260 Hotspot Gateway simply by pressing one button. Instant on-demand accounts can then be generated by selecting the desired billing plan set up prior on the HSG260.  

The new Wireless Hotspot Kit aims to introduce a new business model for Hotspot owners everywhere. Its deployment scheme is dynamic and flexible enough to provide various billings plans for any type of hotspot venues. The smart, numerical panel also introduces an easy, lighthearted way to generate instant on demand accounts. Accessing the Cloud outside your home has never been so entertaining!    



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