The National Palace Museum delivers wireless access for tablet PCs and laptops.

The National Palace Museum located in Taipei, Taiwan is regarded as the museum with the largest collection of ancient Chinese artifacts and artworks. The museum is also a must-see attraction sight for tourists traveling from all over the world, with most of its collection collected by China’s ancient emperors. Its most notable treasured items include “The Jadeite Cabbage”, “One Hundred Horses” and more.

Due to the increasing demand of smart phones and tablet PCs, The National Palace Museum has decided to implement wireless connectivity throughout its entire facility; including a high-tech Tablet PC filled conference room for regular meetings.
The demand to provide high speed, manageable wireless connectivity for 60 Tablet PCs has allowed the museum staff to implement 4ipnet’s WHG311 Secure Wireless LAN Controller and its EAP300, industrial-grade indoor access point. 

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