4ipnet's Executive Vice President Teng Tai Hsu on "How to Secure Your Wireless Network"

In an recent Article on Processor.com, an article featuring 4ipnet's executive vice president Teng Tai Hsu revealed tips and strategies on  "How to Secure Your Wireless Network". The article entitled "Secure Your Wireless Network" reveals ways to protect corporate employees and sensitive data from outside threats. Teng Tai Hsu suggests "Companies invest in solutions that have WPA/WPA2 with AES encryption and 802.1x authentication because this will protect the network as a whole and prevent outside access from unwanted users. But if you are working with hundreds of access points and feel overwhelmed at the thought of managing all of them, Hsu says that WLAN controllers are great for centrally managing wireless networks.

“WLAN controllers can help reduce the management and maintenance complexity of the wireless network and automatically configure WLAN access points."

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