4ipnet "Restore Button" only available on 4ipnet's Secure WLAN Controller

Look out World! 4ipnet Restore Button allows firmware switching just by pressing a single button on a WLAN Controllers.  This advanced feature is only available on the 4ipnet Secure WLAN Controller product line. Imagine, if a firmware upgrade is unsuccessful, or if you accidentally made a  mistake , just click on the button to restore the previous firmware, it's really THAT simple! 4ipnet Restore Button is only ONE of the advanced button technologies that is developed by 4ipnet.  We will be introducing other advanced, cloud integrated features shortly. 

The restore button can be found in Secure WLAN Controller such as: WHG311, WHG315 and WHG515. Please contact our sales representative at sales@4ipnet.com 

Visit our website at: http://www.4ipnet.com



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