A Hole-In-One Deal! : HSG1250 Hotspot Gateway!

4ipnet Gigbit Hotspot Gateway HSG1250 delivers a faster, broader, cost-saving wireless solution for hotspots around the world.
High-Performance w/ Greater Capacity
The Gigabit HSG1250 Hotspot Gateway is designed specifically to handle public areas with a capacity over 250 Concurrent Users. Locations such as Metro / Train stations, Hotels, Large-Sized Shopping Malls, Country Clubs and Convention Centers are all ideal places to deploy the powerful gateway. Furthermore, Outdoor/Indoor Access Points can all be monitored from a central location through an easy-to-use, high-performance user interface.

Distance is Nothing, Cost-Saving is Everything
With the capability to serve up to 3000 local/on-demand accounts, the HSG1250 Hotspot Gateway makes wireless deployment in larger venues a breeze. The gateway can be deployed with both 4ipnet Access Points and 3rd-Party Access Points. Medium-sized venues expanding to a wider area can operate sufficiently without the need to invest in additional, high-costs wireless equipments. 



Enjoy Shopping and Reliable Wi-Fi at Portal de la Marina

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