4ipnet Enterprise Solution with WLAN Controller + Access Points

4ipnet Network Management Solution
When dealing with wireless internet, enterprises have no patience for slow and unstable connections. The need to deliver on-time performance and quality results urges them to look for a solution that can provide greater coverage, larger capacity, smart bandwidth control and sustainability. 4ipnet offers a complete WLAN Network Management Solution for enterprises that is easy to manage and deploy. Whether you are a SME with less than 100 employees or a big corporation of more than 10,000 personnel, 4ipnet can deliver a fast, easy and secure network management interface. 

Accessing THE CLOUD
4ipnet makes cloud access flexible and easy. Whether working from home or traveling on a business trip, the 4ipnet complete network solution offers multiple ways to share resources through the cloud. These solutions include: AP Tunneling, Remote Client-to-Site VPN, and Site-to-Site VPN.



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