4ipnet Service Zone Technology

4ipnet’s Service Zone Technology is a propriety technology that is intergrated within the its Secure WLAN Controller series. This function can partition a Physical Network up to 9 Virtual Networks or Service Zones(0-8)!!! Every service zone can be customized with its own definable access control and group policy profiles as well as its own login page and independent SSID.

With just one 4ipnet Secure WLAN Controller, an organizational or corporate policy regulation can be executed precisely when all users’ network activities are governed, monitored, and logged centrally.  Multi-level network security can be uniquely carried out on corporations with remote or chained sites by applying different Service Zone Profiles. Through flexible user groups and network policy profiles, network access and authorization configuration is easy based on users’ account type and/or locations where the user is associated to the services.

When applying 4ipnet’s Service Zone Technology to a single venue, one 4ipnet Access Point can distribute up to 8 Service Zone SSIDs. This application protects your company‘s resources from being infaltrated by other departments or by incoming guests and visitors.

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