4ipnet Wins IT Pro 6-Star Review on HSG200-P 802.11n Hotspot Kit

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Nov 15, 2010 - 4ipnet, Inc., a leading networking device provider for manageable, reliable, and secure wireless access, today announced that its HSG200-P 802.11n Hotspot Kit won 6-star recognition from IT Pro, a professional IT media in the UK.
“4ipnet's ticketed Internet access system is elegant and easy to use. It does exactly what it's designed for and can be up, running and secure in well under an hour, depending on what you require of it.” IT Pro comments on the HSG200-P for its excellent performance. The 4ipnet HSG200-P 802.11n Hotspot Kit features not only a cost-effective hotspot ticketed system, but also an all-in-one solution ready for hotspot operation right out of the box. The HSG200-P outstands with its innovative functionalities, such as 4ipWES Press-n-Connect for WDS Easy Setup. This 4ipnet’s proprietary technology helps hotspot owners to expand the network effortlessly and securely with the simple touch of a button, quickly establishing AES encrypted connection with other 4ipnet access points.
“Tickets can be defined with different durations and prices; you can also choose to have them expire at certain times and even upload a logo image to be printed on your tickets. If you set up an external payment gateway, guests can pay for access on their credit card when they log on to your network.” As elaborated in the credible review, the HSG200-P Hotspot Internet Access System, including 4 comprehensive accounting types alongside 10 flexible billing options, allows hotspot owners to provide wireless Internet access for free or for a fee. The instantaneously generated on-demand accounts and corresponding account tickets streamlines the whole hotspot operations and saves guests’ waiting time significantly.
These advanced features provided by 4ipnet add up to bring hotspot owners a well managed, branded solution, and most importantly, an effective money making hotspot. A highly anticipated promotional campaign will also be launched for introducing the exquisitely designed HSG200-P Hotspot Ticketed System worldwide.
For additional information on the 4ipnet HSG200-P 802.11n Hotspot Kit, please visit our website at www.4ipnet.com or contact sales@4ipnet.com. For more IT Pro’s review contents, please visit 4ipnet HSG200-P Wi-Fi Hotspot Kit Review (Wireless Hotspot Gateway).



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