4ipnet Invites Worldwide Guests to Experience the HSG200-P Visitor Access Gateway / Wireless Hotspot Gateway

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Dec 14, 2010 - 4ipnet, Inc., a leading networking device provider for manageable, reliable, and secure wireless access, today has announced the implementation of its HSG200-P Visitor Access Gateway for all large and SME corporations. This solution is aimed to be fast, easy and secure by providing instant wireless access in meeting rooms, factories, offices and reception areas. 4ipnet is dedicated to bringing its corporate users an amazing experience with advanced features and easy configuration.
HSG200-P helps small to medium offices facilitate managed and secure network environment. HSG200-P enables corporations not only to manage Internet users/visitors’ accounts, but also to customize web pages flexibly for clients to log in, the corporate image is then vividly constructed. Visitors are able to gain necessary information on-line, retrieve e-mails, make VoIP calls during meetings, and up-/download video streaming by handheld devices within the existing corporate network. With 4ipWES (Press-n-Connect) technology, the gateway can connect up to 2 access points, quickly establishing AES encrypted WDS links, easily and securely extending wireless network coverage in the office.
For enterprises in need of high-level network security such as accounting and law firms, HSG200-P plays an essential role as a visitor access gateway, providing managed Internet service to their clients and visitors, and preventing unauthorized access. The built-in mechanism of HSG200-P allows customized privileges to different accounts by setting up individual scheduling and profile, essentially securing the Intranet. When it comes to return on investment, HSG200-P, featuring all-in-one solution with built-in access point and comprehensive AAA methods, is ready for your business-oriented choice.
For additional information on the 4ipnet HSG200-P Visitor Access Gateway, please visit our website at www.4ipnet.com or contact sales@4ipnet.com.



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